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Headache Diary Apps for Your Smart Phone

Headache Diary Apps for Your Smart Phone

Headache diaries are one of the best tools you and your health care provider have for staying on top of your headache disorder. But for many people, keeping track of the incredible panoply of triggers that can set off a headache is a big stressor—which is yet another headache trigger.


If you need a way to keep a detailed history of your headache patterns and treatments, look no farther than your mobile phone. Thanks to a variety of handy apps, it’s easier than ever to maintain your essential headache information and generate detailed reports for health care providers. Here are five apps to try on various smart phone platforms.



Available on: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Blackberry

Cost: Free ($4.99 for the ad-free version)

Developed by: Brian D. Loftus, MD, neurologist, researcher and headache specialist

Average Customer Rating (iTunes): 4 stars out of 5


This app uses the International Headache Society Criteria to tell you which type of headache you’re having and helps you track your headache symptoms, duration, severity, triggers and medications. You can also keep individual notes about each headache and generate reports to share with your physician.


Pros: Allows you to track the amount of time you were disabled or partially disabled. Gives you a MIDAS (migraine disability assessment) score.


Cons: Pop-up ads in the free version. Can’t customize triggers. Somewhat basic features.

Ubiqi Health Migraine Tracker

Available on: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Blackberry

Cost: Free

Developed by: Ubiqi Health

Average Customer Rating (iTunes): 3.5 stars out of 5


Developed after talking to migraineurs about their needs, this tool can help you better understand your migraine and trigger patterns, as well as the effectiveness of your treatments. Before using the app, you need to create a user account at http:// You can also view and print reports

from your computer by signing in at


Pros: Good information about migraines and triggers. Can view and print reports online.


Cons: Complicated sign-in process. Difficult to use.


Headache Relief Diary

Available on: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Cost: Free

Developed by: New York Headache Center

Average Customer Rating (iTunes): 3 stars out of 5


Created by Alexander Mauskop, MD, the neurologist and headache expert behind Migralex®, this app helps you learn about possible causes and contributing factors, identify triggers and select appropriate treatments for your headaches. It also contains a wealth of information on various headache types, scientific research, and the latest non-drug and pharmacological treatments.


Pros: Can include the day’s weather (barometric pressure, humidity, etc.) by entering your zip code. Easy-to-read e-mail headache diary and analysis report. More than just a diary—provides other useful headache information, as well.


Cons: If your medication is not on the list, you can’t add it.


iManage Migraine

Available on: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Cost: Free

Developed by: Merck & Co.

Average Customer Rating (iTunes): 2.5 stars out of 5


This app features the Migraine Management Square (an interactive tool that helps you better understand your migraines), a migraine journal, graphs, and other tools to help you and your health care professional manage your migraines.


Pros: Allows password protection. Great detailed charts for levels of pain, migraine symptoms, potential triggers, location of pain, effects on daily life and medications. Provides other useful information on migraines, such as triggers, symptoms, treatments, management and action plans. Explains how to use your headache journal. Excellent, fun graphics.


Cons: Lengthy terms and conditions. Can’t customize triggers or symptoms. Fairly basic information (probably better for newbies).


My Headache Log Pro

Available on: Android Market

Cost: Free

Developed by: Donal Morrissey

Average Customer Rating (Android Market): 4 stars out of 5


My Migraine Log Pro

Available on: Android Market

Cost: $2.67

Developed by: Donal Morrissey

Average Customer Rating (Android Market): 4.5 stars out of 5


These customizable apps can help you build up a history of your headaches and analyze them using charts, graphs and reports. For each headache, you can track headache type, start and end times, severity, triggers, symptoms, medications and more. You can also e-mail your headache log to health care professionals to help them better treat your problem.


Pros: Allows you to back up your diary and e-mail it to yourself or your doctor. Can customize your medications and symptoms. Has charts and graphs that track what time of day/week you usually get headaches. Easy to use.


Cons: Can’t customize type of headache or migraine.

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